New Year’s Eve is probably my most favorite holiday. You don’t have to worship a certain deity, be in love with someone, live in a certain country, or have a certain title, status or age. It’s a day where everyone around the world (or at least those who follow the Gregorian calendar) can reflect on the good and bad of the past year, and think about how they will make the next year better.

Oh, and people usually have some ridiculous parties!

But like most of you, this past New Year’s Eve was very different for me. Not because I…

Yes — I finally found something!


My own company!!!… actually no, a cryptocurrency business… hmm no, not that… actually more of a decentralized Community with autonomous governance… oh and its all using resilient data storage in a peer to peer network, backed by a decentralized endowment structure!!!

Now that the Arweave Community Fund A (ARCA) has stretched it’s legs a bit in the first quarter of 2020, I wanted to take the opportunity to summarize where we are at and where we hope to be.

When I was first invited to this DAO, it was my first experience with this side of the decentralized world. I had heard about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations before, but never really understood their purpose or how they actually work. Voting with ETH? What the hell is that? On the other hand, I was very familiar with being a member and sometimes leader…

As an ARCA founding member, enterprise architect and crypto miner, one of my goals when joining ARCA was to help build the infrastructure to support the next generation of decentralized, permanent Arweave applications. While the security of the Arweave network has never been better, certain capabilities have not been embraced by the network and community.

With this, I am pleased to announce the ARCA Arweave IPFS and Gateway platform and service —

We see this as benefiting the broader community in several ways.

  1. Further decentralizing Arweave by providing another public Gateway to use other than
  2. Support internal ARCA…


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